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No Experience Needed

No prior experience or training required. Our Permit to Carry class satisfies the training requirement to receive the permit.

"It's better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it."

MN Permit to Carry Training

Our mission at Precision Plus Firearms Training is to provide top quality training in the safe storage, handling, situational awareness, conflict avoidance, gear selection, interaction with law enforcement, aftermath of violent encounters, and justifiable use of force for the beginner to the advanced shooter.

Our courses exceed the required training curriculum for Minnesota, Florida, Iowa, Arizona and Wisconsin. Graduates of our classes can carry in up to 44 different states with the different non-resident permits. Training is conducted by recognized firearms instructors Certified by the NRA, MN BCA, MN Dept of Safety, Massad Ayoob Group and the United States Concealed Carry Association.

Our Permit to Carry courses are designed to provide the applicant an opportunity to do more than just meet the minimum requirements of the law. Upon completion of the courses, the applicant will have been made familiar with firearms, their function and their use; made aware of the legal, moral, and psychological aspects of the use of deadly force; been instructed in firearms safety rules and safety considerations. In addition, applicants will have received hands-on firearms training and passed a shooting qualification course on the firing range. Emphasis is on the safe handling of firearms at all times, the proper use of firearms for self-defense and the defense of others, and the lawful application of deadly force.
We currently offer Permit to Carry Classes in Rochester, Dodge Center, Kasson, Kenyon, Outing, Winona, Owatonna and New Richland.

Minnesota Permit to Carry

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We are highly certified in the Legal Use of Force and Firearm Tactics.

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If you are not satisfied with the level of training that was provided you owe us nothing.

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All of our students receive lifetime support. We are just a call away.

No Experience Needed

No prior experience or training required. Our Permit to Carry class satisfies the training requirement to receive the permit.


We try to keep the cost to a minimum and offer discounts for Military Veterans, Law Enforcement and First Responders. We accept Credit Cards, Checks, Cash or Paypal.

Private Classes

We can come to you. We offer private classes at your location or ours. With a minimum of 8 people we can set up a class for you.

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Chris, Great class, my husband has had 4 classes over the years and I have had 1, your class has been the most enjoyable and really touch base on things that a person needs to know when looking at a permit to carry. Nice Job! we will be back. Cristy

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Thank you so much for this class. I really appreciated your approach to safety, avoiding risky situations, carrying, and the law versus real-world cases. Before your class, I secretly questioned whether or not permit holders were just gun nuts. I have since realized that’s not the case and I am looking forward to getting mine.

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I highly recommend this class and will be doing so to all my friends and family that are in the area. I have been shooting my whole life (60 Years) and am a Hunter Safety Instructor for over 15 years and the information in this class was very informative even to me. I thought this old dog knew all the tricks but was taught new ones in this class!

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This was a great class. The instructor was very knowledgeable & also had a great sense of humor, making it an even better experience. He is also very accommodating to the students’ needs, in my case I had to leave a little early to get to work on time so he let me shoot first. I’m sure I may have been eligible for a discount, but I felt that full price was well worth it.

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I learned things that about personal protection, handling guns, laws and precarious situations that I never thought about prior to taking this class – but cannot stop thinking about since!

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Reciprocity With ​MN/FL/AZ Permits

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